Jayne Olderman

Michael Bryan Vinson

The Demos Have Magic

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The Demos Have Magic - Michael Bryan Vinson

Observations by producer/co-writer Jayne Olderman (Red Warrior Records)

What do you get when you roll Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, George Jones with a sprinkle of Dwight Yoakam recorded in 1991 on a reel to reel? Michael Bryan Vinson!

I am proud to present "The Demos Have Magic - Michael Bryan Vinson“! "The Demos Have Magic"are homemade songwriter recordings from the '80s and '90s recorded on my Portastudio & Tascam 38 so, no problemo! It's a demo! My priority? Magic! Sometimes you loose the magic when you move to the big studio for big production.

Since my first “The Demos Have Magic - Jayne Olderman” enjoyed such a positive response (particularly “I Need a Hero”); I figured I’d roll out another collection of demo gems; this one co-written with and performed by Michael Bryan Vinson. If you enjoy traditional, old school country music; you will love this record! If not; give it a listen and we just might change your mind!

In the early 90s; I took a break from the music business and acquired my real estate license. One day I pulled into the subdivision where my clients were purchasing a new home and out of the sales office runs a guy (a handsome guy, by the way) who boldly opens my passenger door, plops down in the passenger seat, excitedly puts his cassette into my car player and, with that inimitable charming Texas twang; announces that I need to hear his song because he heard I was in the music business.

The first thing I said (to myself, not out loud) was “Who the heck IS this character? and get out of my car!” The second thing? After being blown away by his authentic songwriting and wild abandon vocal style was; “Wow! Ok! Let’s cowrite!”

So began our collaboration. I discovered MY inner old school country music cowgirl by following Michael’s lead. Many mornings before heading to his Real Estate office, Michael would visit my studio to record those vocals you hear on “The Demos Have Magic - Michael Bryan Vinson”. He’d fling that mic stand around like Elvis Presley. I said (to myself, again); “He’s GOT to be kidding! This is a joke, right?!" Well, guess what?! He IS the real deal and in his own rockabilly world. His style is reminiscent of Jerry Lee Lewis’s craziness (Front Of The Storm), George Jones traditional old school style (Try Again), Johnny Cash’s baritone (The Pain) and Dwight’s twang (One Step Ahead Of The Blues, He Made Woman). When people tell Michael he reminds them of Johnny Cash; he humbly corrects them with that Texas drawl and says: “It’s Jimmy Change. Jimmy Change”.

Recording Michael is an adventure. I have him sing multiple takes because with each pass there is something new, raw, real and fun! Michael LOVES to sing and I’m betting you will love to hear him!

Michael Bryan Vinson & Jayne Olderman