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Jayne's diverse song-writing styles range from pop to alternative, R&B to neo-folk and beyond. She writes, plays the instruments, produces and engineers music in her Protools studio for various projects and creates videos for the projects.

Jayne's songs "There is No City as Pretty as Savannah" and "Why Can't It Just Be Christmas?" sung by Tiffany Milagro spent more than 10 weeks in the top 25 of BILLBOARD HOT 100 SINGLE CHARTS! Her song "Let Me Be There For You" (cowritten with Dwayna Litz) was recorded by Patti LaBelle on her Grammy nominated album "Flame" which spent weeks in the Top 40 R&B charts. The commercial for Jayne's CD "The Journey" won the prestigious bronze Telly award.

Photo of my 2007 studio by Keith Taylor for feature story in Gwinnett Magazine

Animal Lovers

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The Demos Have Magic

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To date I've released 4 albums in my "The Demos Have Magic" series.

To be eligible for TDHM series; all songs must comply with the following strict criteria:

* Must contain a noticeable, yet pleasant amount of retro "cheeziness" in it's production. But, not the stinky kind, but more like a lovely Gruyère or Havarti,

* Must be written and recorded before 1999,

* Must be recorded on archaic equipment such as the Tascam 4 track cassette Portastudio, Tascam-38 8 track reel to reel, MXR Drum machine and/or Shure SM58 microphone...you get the idea

* And, most importantly....MUST HAVE MAGIC!


A dark and stormy night. A bizarre, yet believable story of betrayal. Betrayal in business. Betrayal in friendship. Perhaps this has happened to you? Film Noir meets 2021. Dial M for ?!

Written and produced by:

Jayne Olderman, Joey Melotti & James Donte Harris

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"Cherokee Tears"- JoBel Star

words, music & production by

Jayne Olderman, James Donte Harris & Joseph Bell, Jr.

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contact: jayne@redwarriorrecords.com

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“J.O. Radio” is an eclectic collection of music whose purpose is to entertain you and lift your spirits! I created this page to share the past 20 years of my commercially released music which features up to 20 artists, 100s of songs and, is so eclectic, I decided to call it "J.O. Radio". (Artwork by Justin Galloway)

J.O. Radio

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Featured Videos

It's already Sunday! Let's slow it down 'cause ...

"MONDAY IS COMING!" Mary Rene Quarles

written by Dana Rice, Jayne Olderman and Mary Rene Quarles.

Music Production & Video by Jayne Olderman

"Do Nothing (The No Stress Song)"

Jayne Olderman

Written, Produced & Video by Jayne

"Just Be Christmas" - J Donte

written & produced by Jayne Olderman and J Donte Harris

Video by Jayne Olderman


Tiffany Milagro

written, produced &  video by Jayne Olderman

Top 20 Billboard Singles Chart for 6 weeks!



written Jayne Olderman & Dwayna Litz

"Behind the scenes"